Thought of the Day

Inflation! A horrible word, and a terrible thing to have. It means that everything you purchase from groceries, to gasoline, to lumber and that sweet can of Coke Classic is now more expensive. The cost of living, your everyday life has just increased with no warning. It just happened, everything costs more. Just two short […]

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Moving On…..

The wonderful thing about investing is that no matter what happens in the world, you can have faith in one immutable fact, people want to make money. There is a strong disposition in human beings to be continually unsatisfied. We strive for perpetual improvement in a myriad of ways. One example, is by accumulating and

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Pass me my Corona

With the recent hysteria surrounding the corona virus, I felt compelled to add my voice to the fray. Let’s wax philosophical for a moment. ‘We have been here before and we shall be here again.’ Some of you may recall the mid October 2018 correction, when the TSX dropped from its high of 16,204 to

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