Thought of the Day

Inflation! A horrible word, and a terrible thing to have. It means that everything you purchase from groceries, to gasoline, to lumber and that sweet can of Coke Classic is now more expensive. The cost of living, your everyday life has just increased with no warning. It just happened, everything costs more. Just two short years ago 2020, inflation was treading water at around 2%. Today January 2022, we are looking at an inflation rate of around 4-5%. What is the cause? Indiscriminate spending by Government. More money pumped into the economy that had no business being there. What is the good news? Simple, make sure that you are fully invested. If you haven’t started putting away money for retirement, start now. Right now!

As the cost of goods and services become more expensive, so too will your investments rise to the occasion. If you are already invested, congratulations! You have seen phenomenal growth since 2019. If you are not seeing that growth, perhaps it is time to speak to another advisor and think about re-balancing your portfolio. Your purchasing power must be maintained and protected. Purchasing power, not capital is at risk right now. As your purchasing power becomes devalued, so does your ability to maintain your standard of living.

Speak to us today. We would be happy to have a frank discussion, in plain language, about investment strategies to deal with the rising costs that inflation brings.

Our goal is to help people in the best way possible. This is a basic principle in every case and cause for success. Contact us today to be an associate.