Interesting Stats: Critical Illness Claim Payouts

Thanks to medical advancements the survival rates for critical illness are much higher than they used to be. However, nothing can prepare you for the financial burden associated with surviving such an illness. Male or female, young or old, critical illnesses impact people from all walks of life. Plus, experience shows that payout of benefits covers a wide range of critical illnesses1. It is important to have a discussion with your financial advisor and make sure you have the right amount of coverage to protect your income, lifestyle and financial future.
Claims by gender Male/Female 51%/49% Claims by age Youngest/Oldest 23/78
Claims by critical illness Percentage of Claims Cancer 65% Heart Attack 12% Coronary bypass 7% Stroke 3% Multiple sclerosis 2% Other2 11%
That’s why critical illness insurance is such an important part of the conversations I have with my clients. Most plans have 25 Covered conditions, Competitive rates and Tax-free lump-sum benefit payment along with Return of premium options.  

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